Bloodstained Memoirs

Before Nine Legends, there was another champion of the wrestling documentary world: Bloodstained Memoirs. Digitally remastered in 2018 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the first directors cut, Bloodstained Memoirs is presented for the first time exclusively on this website!. The same camera crews which followed Bill Goldberg, Dynamite

Roddy Piper: In His Own Words

Please note: this video is no longer available. On 31st July 2015 the world lost one of the most recognizable and successful wrestling personalities of all time, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. A new film production is now available to stream from Nine Legends director David Sinnott which features never before seen

Sports Illustrated Coverage

Nine Legends has received some excellent coverage courtesy of Sports Illustrated over the last couple of weeks. Firstly, writer Justin Barrasso conducted an excellent interview with Rob Van Dam for SI. I'm on record as stating RVD is the most relatable person I have worked with. The man has been

Expansion Pack

So I went and got run over by a car in Thailand and couldn't walk for a while (all fine now). As someone who likes to keep busy and perhaps more specifically as a means to keep my sanity, I embarked on a new project: the Nine Legends Expansion Pack.

Post Production: Audio

Here's a short video looking at some of the work which went into creating the audio mix for Nine Legends. Fred is a great guy who helped the Nine Legends project tremendously. You can read more about him and his excellent work here. The full Nine Legends film (and the

Digital Filmmaker Magazine Interview

Please pick up the latest issue (issue 34) of Digital Filmmaker Magazine which features a six page interview I did for the magazine where we cover making the Nine Legends film. I've been fortunate enough to be featured in many magazines, but this one is extra special to me as

Dynamite Kid Article

Ten years ago when I began making Bloodstained Memoirs I wanted to obtain an interview with The Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington, but as hard as I tried I wasn’t successful. Billington had completely fallen off the grid having not spoken to anybody in the wrestling business in years. Billington was

Month One – Thank You

I'd like to sincerely thank everybody for an amazing first month - and an even bigger thank you to everybody who checked out the film here on this website. The feedback has been great! In its first week the official Nine Legends trailer received over 50K views which shattered expectations.


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