So I went and got run over by a car in Thailand and couldn’t walk for a while (all fine now). As someone who likes to keep busy and perhaps more specifically as a means to keep my sanity, I embarked on a new project: the Nine Legends Expansion Pack.

The feedback to Nine Legends was fantastic so I wanted to further open up the themes and personalities explored within the film to offer an all new and expanded viewing experience. Laid back conversations with nine great guests form an elaborate two hour commentary track where we get to discuss the nine legends: Goldberg, RVD, Ted DiBiase, Lita, Mike Tyson, Bret Hart, Dynamite Kid, Randy Couture and Chris Jericho.

The nine guests speakers are: three time world champion and DDP Yoga founder Diamond Dallas Page. Screenwriter (Nutty Professor, Saturday Night Live) and director (Beyond the Mat) Barry Blaustein. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” host Robin Leach. Former Luchagors band member and Atlanta horror host Shane Morton. Las Vegas Boxing Hall of Fame CEO Steve Lott. Wrestling with Shadows director and Real News Network CEO Paul Jay. Former New Japan Pro Wrestling star Mark “Rollerball” Rocco. UFC Hall of Fame athlete Ken Shamrock and Rolling Stone writer Kenny Herzog.

We cover a lot of ground from the UK to America to Japan: tonnes of stories, insider tidbits, opinions, personal accounts and much more. It was a pleasure to speak with all nine of these people who generously gave me some of their time.

To stream the new Expansion Pack (and the Nine Legends film) simply click here!